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Daktari Majidi

Doctor Majidi is a powerful native African witch doctor with great magical powers that have been handed down from multiple generations. His great knowledge in herbs has helped many and from far places. His powers and spells can work from any place and any time. Majidi has helped thousands of people to get lovers back, boost their business, undo curses and many more incredible works. His work speaks for him.
Majidi is also the Herbalist and uses the traditional herbs from the whole of Africa and the rest of the world to solve various problems affecting man kind.


My Services

Get that lover

Do you want someone to fall in love with you? Or rekindle lost love? Dr Majidi can cast powerful spels that will make anyone fall in love and they last. His spells always work call Him today to get that lost lover or new love.

Rings of luck and protection

Rings of luck and protection are powerful objects that have great power to protect the owner from all evils and also help Him succeed and win in anything they do. Dr Majidi can cast a spell on a ring according to how you want it. Get in touch with him

Get your Revenge

Did someone attack you or someone hurt you and you want revenge? Contact Dr Majidi From Wherever You May Be. You Will Be Helped.

Prevent and stop pregnancies

Are you afraid of pregnancies or tired of normal contraceptives? Majidi has powerful herbs that can help prevent pregnancies even after having unprotected sex. It can last for as long as you want and has never failed. Get in touch with Majidi for that quick solution.

Get protection from evil

Want to be protected against bad omen and any type of evil and enemies? Majidi has great powers to cast protective spells for you to protect you from any type of harm. Get in touch today with His and be protected.

Business and Financial boosting

Are you having a had financial period in your life? No job or unable to keep cash once earned? Majidi is here for you. He will help you earn even more, have a greater and easy time accessing money and keeping it. Secure your wealth with Dr Majidi today.

Bring back lost item or person

Have you lost precious assets? Or lost a loved one and do not know how to get them back? Worry no more Majidi can bring back anything and anyone to you. Get in touch with Him and His powers will work wonders and in no time you will have your things back. Call Him today.

Job promotions and protection

Are you afraid you might loose your job? Or do you want that promotion? Dr Majidi has spells for you that will secure your job and will also guarantee promotions in your job, call Him today.

Marriage and Divorce issues

Is you marriage failing or even about to get a divorce? Dr Majidi has help for you. He has spells to fix brocken marriages and even prevent divorces from your partner . Call Majidi today.

Land wrangles

Are you have problems with your land? Do you want to protect it from those after it or even win that case in the court? Majidi can help. His great spells will protect your land from being grabbed by anyone after it.

Relationship problems

Are having a tough unhappy relationship but still want it to work? Do you believe if your partner listened to you more you would be happier? Well, Majidi is here for you. He has helped many fix their relationships and end up in marriages.

Win court cases

Are you having multiple cases or even one case you want the judge to rule in your favour? Well Majidi is the answer His spells will ensure the ruling will be in your favour no matter the nature of the case. He has helped many get out of long jail terms and those falsely accused He can help you to.

Get In Touch With Daktari Majidi.

Majidi has great powers to cast all spels for your need. His powers never fail, With a wide variety of services their is definitely a spell for you

Clients Testimonies



'Hello I'm Blake. I was looking for a girl to settle down with. So I came across Dr Majidi site, i didn't believe at first but i went ahead and in just 4 months i was marrying my now wife. Thank you'

Marriage spells

20 Feb 2023



'I was sick for 4 years and doctors could not find the problem. I was loosing hope then i heard of Majidi so i tried reaching out and he replied. I went to see him and he undone a curse that was placed on me and gave me some herbs and its been 5 years without any issues.'

Undoing curses

27 Jan 2022



'Hello, I was tired of being poor all my life and wanted a good life with lots of money. I came across Majidi and we talked and promised he can help. He casted his spells and everywhere i go people just gave me money. it really works guys.'

Financial Spells

19 May 2022


The results may vary from person to person. You must be 18 + years of age to request for my services, also note that my services are based on African traditional healing and psychic-abilities, they are not intended to replace medical or legal advice which should always be sought from a qualified professional.